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What to bring on your next travel

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

So you're planning your next getaway, as we open our borders, most of us are suspended in the quarantine limbo after a travel hiatus.

since we haven't exercised our packing muscles in a while, here are the top things you should remember to bring on your travel

1. Travel Requirements

IDs , Passports, vaccination cards, Appropriate Passes for LGUs, luckily when you book with Manawari Travel, we send all these before you leave.

2. Cash

in the proper currency please.

When traveling abroad or to the provinces, bring cash, as not all facilities accepts credit cards or debit cards.

3. Appropriate Clothes

check if the country you're visiting has clothing restrictions and make sure to adhere to them to avoid

Always check the season when you're visiting in order to properly pack clothes.

4. Entertainment & Personal Comfort

Anticipate down time, whether on the airport, on the plane or when waiting for your next transport

-- so a book or ebook reader might be a good idea to pack. Or if you're the tablet kind of person, ensure that you have charged your device before leaving and that you have hours of entertainment to keep you or your kids occupied.

5. Medicine

pack emergency over the counter medicine for common ailments, headache, stomach ache, minor flu,

and if you have prescriptions fill them out before traveling - it is also a good idea to take a picture of the prescription in case you get asked in immigration.

remember to pack your Vitamins and supplements !

That's All Folks! have fun and stay safe.

Download our free travel checklist here

Download PDF • 452KB

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